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Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner

Singapore based Feng Shui Practitioner who uses ancient Chinese Metaphysics with practical solutions that is achieve a greater sense of well-beings and success in your life.


Yan Feng Shui Metaphysics

Consultation Services

Residential Feng Shui Consultation

Commercial Feng Shui Consultation

Personal Destiny Analysis

Premises Selection

Auspicious Date Selection

Auspicious Chinese Name Selection

Comprehensive Audit

A yearly audit is highly recommended or/and every 2-3 years once depend on property and effective result.

Practical Solutions

In the world of Ancient Chinese Metaphysics, there are many of methods to confront, predict, prevent or manage change of issues

Professional & Dedicated

We can determine if the Qi (energy) for the period is beneficial and possible outcome and events for the residents and working places.

No need to purchase items

We do not promote any of Feng Shui items or ornament unless it suit the environment / design purpose of the house.

No Hidden Cost

There is NO hidden cost such as blessing Feng Shui items with any ritual. Our practitioner provide honest service at fair prices.

Floor Plan Analysis

A thorough analysis of the house / office interior and advise on the overall floor plan.




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